New Car – wtf

Well I did it. I got the new car I have been angsty and complainy and whiny and angry about for a very long time. I had that Nissan Murano that was a heap of shit and I hated it for so very long. Thing is, I struggled with this ‘but do I deseeerrrrrve to get a new car?’ ‘have I eaaaarrrrrrrrned a new car?’ ‘should I even tryyyyyyy to get a new car?’ ‘what if I go in there and they laugh at me  ‘hahahaha sucka!!! no way!!!!’ ‘what if they say NO YOU SUCK GET OUT’.

None of that happened. They may have thought ‘hahaha sucka!’ because they are car salesmen. But they sold me the car. And now I have a new car. I bet I’m paying too much though. I was upside down on the Nissan (fucking devil car) and yeah I got the extended warranty and yeah my interest rate is higher than I wanted BUT I leaned my credit score wasn’t as bad as I feared and the interest rate isn’t as high as it could have been if my credit score was worse. And now I have a good car. That will last longer than a couple more years. Or hell, months. That damn Nissan had no plans to last even that long, to be honest.

So now the plan is to get my garage cleaned out so I can park my ride in it instead of all the junk parked in there now.


Author: concentrationlost

Mmmmm, well I'm pretty scattered most of the time. I get distracted easily. Also, a bit of a dork, and even though I hate that word, it applies. I think I'm pretty creative and artsy fartsy. Food is pretty wonderful. My favorite things to do are read, work in my yard, laugh till I pee and feel good. I'm a Pisces. Coffee isn't delicious but I still love it and my dogs are the most awesome dogs ever, even the ones that have moved on to the next plane of existence. I'll take pictures of stupid shit and enjoy it. I can be squishy, sentimental and emotional but I fucking hate crying or showing you my real feelings. I am a terrrrrrrible speller.

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