Wimbledon 2017

This morning I watched a video from this years Wimbledon of a man from the audience that got pulled into the game. I think he hollered at the players for something. Anyway they pulled the guy out and dressed him in the white tennis skirt and a top, served the ball to him and he got it back over the net. It was hilarious. I don’t watch tennis but I might if this were a regular thing. For some reason it made me extremely happy.

Then I thought “oh yeah I have a new blog!!” There is an app for WordPress! I had to get it. And there is this new beta editor thing!! Yes. Must do that. Because I have no fucking idea what I’m doing. So this will help, yeah? This is only my second post guys so gimmie a chance to ding my blogginess. I’ll get there. Shit might even start to make sense. And maybe get more interesting.

I just did something with this new editor. Don’t know what the hell it was. Hm.

Author: concentrationlost

Mmmmm, well I'm pretty scattered most of the time. I get distracted easily. Also, a bit of a dork, and even though I hate that word, it applies. I think I'm pretty creative and artsy fartsy. Food is pretty wonderful. My favorite things to do are read, work in my yard, laugh till I pee and feel good. I'm a Pisces. Coffee isn't delicious but I still love it and my dogs are the most awesome dogs ever, even the ones that have moved on to the next plane of existence. I'll take pictures of stupid shit and enjoy it. I can be squishy, sentimental and emotional but I fucking hate crying or showing you my real feelings. I am a terrrrrrrible speller.

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