Good Vibes, in and out

Good lord guys, I thought that we were done for, Even though I was trying to get my head back into the Gishwhes game after the addition of the four new members but man, I was struggling. I had a pretty serious emotional hangover Friday most of the day. Writing the post yesterday helped A LOT but I was still carrying around this stuff in my chest and gut that I couldn’t get out. It wanted to escape via tears but I was at work and I really dislike that mode of emotional transportation. So I kept trying to suck it up and keep it in and we all know that just prolongs our misery. So it was workin’ out real well.





God bless that baby Jesus or Buddha or King Kong or Ganesha and Friends or whatever the fuck you feel is heading the Spiritual Train ’cause it/he/she/they sent us two new team members and they are fucking amazing. The tears were trying even harder to get out and when I left the office a lot did. But they were like the happiest and most relieved tears ever. Gishwhes was saved. Man, thinking about it now…here they fucking come again. But Gishwhes is saved. These two ladies, man, getting them on our team has done something for me that a horribly delicious meal and slugging on the couch or gardening till my arms fell off couldn’t do.


Author: concentrationlost

Mmmmm, well I'm pretty scattered most of the time. I get distracted easily. Also, a bit of a dork, and even though I hate that word, it applies. I think I'm pretty creative and artsy fartsy. Food is pretty wonderful. My favorite things to do are read, work in my yard, laugh till I pee and feel good. I'm a Pisces. Coffee isn't delicious but I still love it and my dogs are the most awesome dogs ever, even the ones that have moved on to the next plane of existence. I'll take pictures of stupid shit and enjoy it. I can be squishy, sentimental and emotional but I fucking hate crying or showing you my real feelings. I am a terrrrrrrible speller.

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