The Hunt

IMG_1623Holy hell it’s only day two of this thing and we’ve been a frenzy of typing and organizing and conferring and emailing and collecting and maybe some freaking out. What a ride so far.

Ok so last night I did the very first of the whole ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ part of this deal. One of the challenges that I took on was to get a picture of a caveman demonstrating glassblowing. Well, I thought, that can’t be too hard. I know of a glass blower right here in OKC. I’ve bought several of his smaller pieces and he’s a fave booth of mine at the Paseo Arts Festival. And one year a pal and I went to a Christmas thing his studio had and it was fun. So yeah, I’ll just send him a little email, tell him what I’m doing and ask if he’d help us out. Hahahahahah!! :sigh: Oh how little did I realize…. It hit me when I got to that part of the email.

How exactly do you ask that? “You don’t really know me although we’ve met a few times, and by the way, I’ve purchased some of you glass balls before, they are hanging in my kitchen. Anyway, would you please dress up as a caveman and then play with molten glass?” Hopefully I was a little more smooth than that. I think it took me almost an hour to draft that email. I reread it a dozen times, editing it like crazy. Finally there just wasn’t anything left to do with it but squinch my eyes, cross my fingers and hit send. I think I laughed for a good solid ten minutes. A nice loud, hysterical laugh. It felt really good to be honest but the dogs were concerned.

And guess what? He emailed back and didn’t call me a wack job. He said yes!! So I’ve collected things to make the costume, we’ve found a couple of times that will work and then I’ll go dress him up, let him play with lava and I’ll take some nice pictures. It’s gonna be so great.

And then another pretty awesome thing happened today. I got the awesomest prize ever for no good reason at all. I was so devestaed just a few days ago and now today I’m practically giddy. Things really did work out ok. Nay, they worked out fanfuckingtastically. And I got a prize. Coolest prize ever. Thank you KJKM, you know who you are. Fucking earned yourself points with some spiritual beings floating around somewhere.


Author: concentrationlost

Mmmmm, well I'm pretty scattered most of the time. I get distracted easily. Also, a bit of a dork, and even though I hate that word, it applies. I think I'm pretty creative and artsy fartsy. Food is pretty wonderful. My favorite things to do are read, work in my yard, laugh till I pee and feel good. I'm a Pisces. Coffee isn't delicious but I still love it and my dogs are the most awesome dogs ever, even the ones that have moved on to the next plane of existence. I'll take pictures of stupid shit and enjoy it. I can be squishy, sentimental and emotional but I fucking hate crying or showing you my real feelings. I am a terrrrrrrible speller.

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