Cuss words! Don’t like? Don’t read.

I love using cuss words. I love to cuss. I swear emphatically, frequently and enthusiastically.

There seems to be two philosophies when it comes to cussing. Some believe that the cussers have a limited vocabulary, and thus, a low IQ, since other words are not chosen for whatever reason the cussing is happening. Others have stated that it’s the smart people that use cuss words. I’ve read an article or two about that and no, I cannot fucking remember why exactly, something to do with…..

Oh fuck me I’ll find one and stick the link in here, hang on…..

I did one better. If it will work, that is. Here’s the link to just the Google search ‘smart people cuss’…

Also, I like ellipses and use them often.

Of the articles pulled up by that Google search I think this one is my fave:

My friends, we are brilliant. Especially Jeana, Lizzy and Sarah. The Sarah with the h. We are prolific cussers. We love the word fuck. Our mentors swear with abandon and we look up to them with adoration. Kim Rhodes is especially my favorite. She’s shared so many things about her life, her feelings and shit that I can relate to, experiences I’ve had too. I’ve met her once and was star struck. She is a woman I truly admire. I wave my hands about on Twitter sometimes “notice me senpai! notice me!” and sometimes she does. When she likes one of my tweets I have a mini freak out and my brain goes “Eeeeeeeeeeeee!” It’s nice to imagine that she’d recognize me if I got the chance to meet her again but the woman is fucking famous and I am just one of a bazillion people vying for her attention. Christ I would be a piss poor famous person. Anyway, Kim, I love you and thank you.

There are other women I greatly admire from the same fandom but I shall mention them all in another post. In fact they may each get thier very own post each!!!

But I will close here. I think I finally cleaned up my drafts folder, deleted some stupid shit and totally messed up the format deally thing on here and I don’t know what’s going on and there are a lot of misspelled words. Oh fucking well.

k byeeeeee

Author: concentrationlost

Mmmmm, well I'm pretty scattered most of the time. I get distracted easily. Also, a bit of a dork, and even though I hate that word, it applies. I think I'm pretty creative and artsy fartsy. Food is pretty wonderful. My favorite things to do are read, work in my yard, laugh till I pee and feel good. I'm a Pisces. Coffee isn't delicious but I still love it and my dogs are the most awesome dogs ever, even the ones that have moved on to the next plane of existence. I'll take pictures of stupid shit and enjoy it. I can be squishy, sentimental and emotional but I fucking hate crying or showing you my real feelings. I am a terrrrrrrible speller.

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