Wimbledon 2017

This morning I watched a video from this years Wimbledon of a man from the audience that got pulled into the game. I think he hollered at the players for something. Anyway they pulled the guy out and dressed him in the white tennis skirt and a top, served the ball to him and he got it back over the net. It was hilarious. I don’t watch tennis but I might if this were a regular thing. For some reason it made me extremely happy.

Then I thought “oh yeah I have a new blog!!” There is an app for WordPress! I had to get it. And there is this new beta editor thing!! Yes. Must do that. Because I have no fucking idea what I’m doing. So this will help, yeah? This is only my second post guys so gimmie a chance to ding my blogginess. I’ll get there. Shit might even start to make sense. And maybe get more interesting.

I just did something with this new editor. Don’t know what the hell it was. Hm.

Got Distracted

So I started this blog for a couple of reasons. The first idea for a blog was to document some of the amazing conversations the guys at work had. ‘Snacks I have Known’ was a name that I seriously considered because they regularly rate snack foods. It’s awesome. There will be a more detailed post about that, I promise.

The next idea for the blog was to create a place for me to write about my gishwhes experience. It’s coming up y’all. I’m excited and nervous, scared and thrilled, curious, impatient, apprehensive, grateful and hopeful. I have a goal to post about it every day as we do each of the challenges. Wish me luck, I don’t always have the best follow through.

If I get in the swing of things around here I’ll post more stuff too, like what I make in my artsy room, the knitting or crochet project currently being worked on, my feelings about Ice Cream the Cat, pictures of my yard and things my friends and I have laughed at. I’ll even tell some stories about myself and things I’ve done. I have some pretty cool stories actually. There’s the time I got my hair shut in the back of a police car while the cops used slim jims to break in it because I locked my keys in it when I went to call Triple A because the accelerator cable broke in a major intersection. Another good time was when Ex-Hubs #1 (the one I like) called the cows to our campsite one drunken night during our honeymoon. There will be a post dedicated to my dog Marley and his escapades, which include the number of surgeries he had for swallowing shit that didn’t fit and got stuck and the time he got on the roof with the roofers. One of my favorites is more recent though. It’s my sisters memorial service. Jesus H. Christ that was one hell of an experience.

So yeah, I’ve got things to say, man. And I’m gonna say them. Just not sure when.

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my very first blog post ever. Late to the game, as usual. But at least I have arrived. So, this blog is about a multitude of things. We’ll discuss snacks and their ratings, socks, hair dryers, gardens, shoes. There will be funny stories. Maybe some poignant observations. We will share some serious times. We will share not serious times. I’m pretty sure we’ll get to be pissed about important and not very important stuff together too. Point is, there is not really A Theme here other than just a rambling look at what’s currently going on. Or what happened yesterday. What The Boys at Work discussed and rated for the day will also be featured topics. Maybe I’ll host some Haiku Challenges. For now the cohesiveness will just be that it’s me writing the stuff and that it’s here. Maybe it will gel, maybe not. Let’s try not to be too uptight about it and just enjoy the shit.

We are here for a good time. So let that funky shit shine.